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What is a 50/50 Partnership?

This is our most popular investment option and gives you the potential for the greatest return.  Your investment funds the project 100% and we do all the work, including;  purchasing, renovating, and selling the property. Once the sale is final, we split the proceeds 50/50.

Is investing right for me?

Here are some ways to determine if investing is right for you:

  • You've done your due diligence on who we are and trust our process

  • You are seeking a larger return vs a steady monthly income

  • You want to invest into a tangible asset

  • You want the security benefits of investing in real estate, but not have the headaches of dealing with tenants, contractors, or rehabbing properties

How much do I need to invest?

The average amount needed to invest in both the purchase and renovation of a home is around $350,000; although we have done deals for over a million or more or less then $100,000. The average amount varies greatly and depends on each investors/properties unique needs, please contact us to discuss best options for you.

How long will this process take from beginning to end?

From the date we buy the property to the date we sell it is between 2 - 6 months.  On average, it is about 4 months. There are times when properties would take longer.

What is the average return on investment?

The profit for each property varies, however it is usually between $20,000 and $100,000.  On average, we make around $40,000 in about 4 months.

Do I have to be involved in the projects?

Nope, we deal with the headaches of tenants, evictions, contractors, and rehabbing for you. 

FAQ's 50/50
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