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John is a successful and dedicated real estate professional who started his career from humble beginnings.  John and his family fled the oppressive communist regime of Romania and moved to the United States to have a chance at achieving "The American Dream."


After graduating High School he served in the United States Army where he learned the importance of hard work, respect, service and integrity. After retiring from the Army with an honorable discharge, John set his focus on achieving his dream of financial independence and investing in real estate.  He began by using his G.I. Bill to attend college and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Real Estate And Land Use at Sacramento State University; while at the same time obtaining his California Real Estate Brokers License. To gain knowledge and experience in ALL aspects of real estate he brokered real estate sales, mortgages, and provided land acquisitions services for a local home building company.  


In 2007 he started Aldea Homes, Inc. From hammering nails, painting walls, and installing fans in his properties to brokering the sale and completing all administrative tasks, there was not one detail John did not have his hands personally on.  Thus giving him a good understanding of the inner workings of the business.  Through hard work, grit, and determination he grew the company into what it is now.


Today, Aldea Homes has become a successful real estate investment company, completing over 550 investment transactions. John has big plans for the future as well, he recently moved into the Texas market and is constantly analyzing other markets for potential expansion.  John loves hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, and scuba diving and all things adventure.

CA Licensed Real Estate Broker Licence#01481537
CA Licensed General Contractor License #924704
FL Licensed Real Estate Broker License #BK3386634

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